File-Transfer Time Calculator

A free calculator to estimate the time a file will take to transfer.

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This File Transfer Time Calculator is used to determine the approximate time that a file would take to transfer over a particular interface . The speeds are optimistic because the actual inferface will be slowed down by overhead (ex: requests for the information, syncs, ...), more than one transfer at a time, and the interface not performing at the standard speed.

View the time given as a realistic minimum of the amount of time a file will take to transfer.

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*11024 is most used. The 1000 byte conversion is mainly used by hard drive manufacturers to calculate drive size. There is some real confusion about this so make sure to look up how your specific application calculates size. When in doubt, use 1024.

*2 USB Speeds can varry with a variety of factors (cable length/other interfaces connected/hubs/...) so you might be better off selecting the slowest interface in your chain. For example, if you have a SATA II drive connected to a USB3.2 interface, the SATA II interface is slower and will determine the maximum speed possible.

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